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Insightful Employee Benefits Analytics

As any analyst will tell you, digging into data helps identify trends, formulate and test new plans of action, and clarify understanding. The same is true when it comes to your employee benefits historical data.
Our benefits analytics team organizes your claims information and history to help you:

  • Quickly see trends
  • Identify trend drivers
  • Highlight potential opportunities

Take impactful action based on new insight into your data.
We have access to multiple data sources and a laser-focus on data quality. We’re able to provide a solid foundation and a holistic view of the design of your health insurance plan and how it has impacted your workforce and bottom line — and how it can be improved for better results.

For example, we may discover your workforce has a high percentage of emergency room claims as compared to other companies your size. We can help you launch a benefits education program that explains using physician’s office visits, urgent care, and telemedicine. Such campaigns reduce costs for you and each employee, as well as increasing employee satisfaction with your benefits plan and reducing turnover.
Benefits data can also show which plans and plan designs work well and which ones are less effective. For example, if you’d like to consider a high deductible health plan (HDHP) for your workforce, we can show you the effect of this plan design in similar industries with comparable employee demographics.
Insight into your benefits data enables you to analyze performance and financial trends. You will be able to compare your results to norms, industry benchmarks, and to prior performance. You’ll gain insight into your cost drivers and the health of your workforce, and will discover opportunities for improving the health and productivity of your employees.

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