About Us

About Us


The Ashley Group is qualified to serve you best.

The Ashley Group was formed in 2002 by Carroll L. Ashley and Kevin J. Intagliata as the premier provider of employer-sponsored benefits. Founded on the premise of professional expertise and the delivery of world-class service, Carroll and Kevin’s shared vision is to provide specialized service to meet the goals of each and every client, everyday. This has propelled them to be one of the fastest growing insurance agencies in Northwest Ohio. Today, The Ashley Group continues to help clients maneuver the ever-changing world of benefits management and healthcare reform with the additional expertise and strategic direction of Tim Paradiso, now serving as President. With more than 150 years of collective experience in the health care and insurance arenas and the desire to serve as a trusted advisor, The Ashley Group creates strategic health care solutions for individuals, small and midsized companies, non-profit organizations, and large corporations.

With a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, The Ashley Group understands the different challenges facing employer groups and invests in the resources necessary to support employer needs with specialized personnel and innovative technology. We listen and learn employer objectives and diligently work to match goals with the capabilities of quality vendors. We build strong, successful relationships with the employer’s best interests in mind. We anticipate the opportunities and challenges facing an organization and work at all levels to quickly develop benefit plans that fit their needs. We consistently deliver value to our clients, stressing world class service, fair but aggressive underwriting, and unmatched communication. Our in-house underwriting tools and experience gives us the ability to accurately match benefit needs with an appropriate plan design. Many of our team members have worked for major carriers and maintain relationships with “inside” contacts who can quickly resolve issues. We will simply work harder to ensure the success of an employee benefit program and to assure the satisfaction of its employees.

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The Ashley Group Team


  • To advocate our clients’ interest and needs
  • To conduct all relationships with integrity and honesty
  • To pursue excellence in service for each client and its associates
  • To provide our associates opportunities for personal growth
  • To grow profitably
  • To be a responsible member of the community


Service Commitment

The Ashley Group appreciates that our clients have many demands on their time. We know that our performance is evaluated by each person we serve, one person at a time, and we are committed to freeing our clients’ from the administrative details of employer sponsored benefit program. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing world class service and account management. We will respond promptly to questions, follow through with a sense of urgency, provide urgent solutions to special situations and address employees with compassion.

Employee Benefits Agents

Carroll L. Ashley

Timothy J. Paradiso

Kevin J. Intagliata
Vice President, North West Ohio

Nicholas H. Gerber
Vice President, North Central Ohio

Donald A. Douglas
Employee Benefits Specialist

Derrick J. Stumm
Employee Benefits Specialist

Bill V. Neiderman
Employee Benefits Specialist

Adam M. Holmes
Employee Benefits Specialist

Randy Klein
Employee Benefits Specialist


Individual / Medicare Agents

David A. Holman
Authorized Licensed Agent

David R. Sickles
Authorized Licensed Agent


Wealth Management

Raj C. Laungani, MBA, CFP®
Financial Advisor

Michael D. Sordyl, CLU ChFC RICP
Financial Planner

Gary L. Brown, CLU ChFC MSFS
Registered Representative

Corporate Administrative Staff

Kim Hiemstra

Georgetta Staton
Accounting Assistant

Toni R. Pendleton
Executive Assistant

Kathryn A. Nichols
Executive Assistant


Client Support Services

Kelly Belote, PHR
Director of Client Services

Ashley N. Grisez
Client Services Manager, North Central Ohio

Larenda Hammett-Gore
Client Services Manager, North West Ohio

Stephanie R. Oblander
Manager of Agency Development

Christine B. Porter
Account Manager

Noah J. Intagliata
Account Manager

Pam M. Hahn
Account Manager

Rebeccah Wilson
Account Manager

DeAndra L. Ward
Account Administrator

Heidi M. Mougey
Account Administrator

Sephora M. Norman
Benefit Analyst